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Week 33 – # A6 Sunset

on March 13, 2016

A6 - Sunset-1

I thought I would do this one a little differently – giving you a FL sunset without palm trees or sailboat but with a little floral touch.
Since I have moved I do not see the sunsets every night and I haven’t taken the time to drive to go see them. This will change soon enough with the laundry room update completion scheduled and drapes to be hung.


21 responses to “Week 33 – # A6 Sunset

  1. shelby1120 says:

    The colors of the mason jars really give a good base to the rest of the photo! Well done Still Life!

  2. tnwaltz says:

    Sue, your creativity amazes me. What a refreshing photo!

  3. thegatorgal says:

    Sue, this is way over the top, even for you! I love this! I wish I had shot it!

  4. Very creative, the colors are amazing!

  5. Ida McBride says:

    How very pretty! Love the rainbow of colors.

  6. George says:

    Beautiful Sue. I love the coloring of the Mason jars.

  7. suesanborn says:

    A new look indeed and beautiful one at that!

  8. This is gorgeous, Sue!

  9. preed913 says:

    Really liking this – its different and the colors of everything are heavenly! clever idea!

  10. Lovely jewel colours and the backdrop is superb. Great creative shot.

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