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Week 34 – # 24 Loud Noises

on March 19, 2016

While I would hardly call this noise – it is loud as are most rock concerts.  Here are some shots taken with my cell phone at the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert in Tampa from December.

Trans Sib Orchestra-phone-00001

Trans Sib Orchestra-phone-00005

Trans Sib Orchestra-phone-00007

Trans Sib Orchestra-phone-00009

Trans Sib Orchestra-phone-00012

Trans Sib Orchestra-phone-00015

Trans Sib Orchestra-phone-00025

Trans Sib Orchestra-phone-00028


12 responses to “Week 34 – # 24 Loud Noises

  1. Looks awesome. Hope you had fun!

  2. suesanborn says:

    Looks like some kind of show. Great job of capturing the energy and size of all of it.

  3. piriot says:

    This must have been an energizing experience! Great pictures.

  4. preed913 says:

    shame we dont HAVE the sound track for this – looks amazing! – great photos.

  5. Wow, those came out great, Sue. That must have been a challenge with changing lighting and movement.

  6. Great capturing of the singers and the settings. Very colourful.

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