Week 39 – #13 Downtown in BW

Los Angeles – from 3rd Street overpass.

13 - Downtown in BW-1

I left the red lights for effect.

Los Angeles from the Griffin Observatory.

13 - Downtown in BW

Here is the full panorama – from the Griffin Observatory.

13 - Downtown in BW-2


And a BIG Thank you to Becky for driving me all over the LA Basin to get these images.  With good friends like her, who needs a taxi.    Merci Buckets Becky.

Week 38 – #31 Neon

What has more neon …. Vegas Baby!

31 - Neon-7

This Panorama was taken from the Red Rock Casino looking across the valley towards the Vegas Strip.   This is about 10 miles away (as the crow flies).   This is only the part of the skyline of the strip and does not include Freemont Street and that end of the town.  That part was too far away to be seen very well. The Stratosphere is the tower on the left and Mandalay Bay is the gold tower on the right.   Since my tripod and I were at odds, this was taken handheld and the structure was bouncing so between it and me, it is not as steady as I had hoped.  Guess I am going to have to go back to do this again.   LOL.  Thanks to my friends Gloria, Becky, and Carol for making the trip to Vegas so I could take pictures. There was arm twisting involved.  (if you believe that……….)

31 - Neon-1

31 - Neon-2

31 - Neon-3

31 - Neon-4

Though not neon – I had to include the Swarovski Crystal sphere outside of Ballys.

31 - Neon-5

31 - Neon-6

Week 37 – #46 Tell A Story

46 - Tell a Story

Now what kind of story would you make up for this rowdy group of faeries?  Something sure had them laughing.  Not sure they would tell us – people.

I am not sure I could make up a story good enough, but one thing I can tell you, they do know how to have a good time at the Gulfport Spring Fest – Garden Art and Faerie festival.   Lots of fun folks and everyone just loving to have their photo taken.

Week 36 – #29 Moody

29 Moody

Here is my interpretation of moody – with the Spanish moss hanging from the old oak trees as they arch over a walk between pastures, with the sun shining through to a patch of grass near where a horse is grazing.  This was taken with the Sarasota Camera Club on an outing to a local horse farm.  Processed with Nik Silver effects for the black and white.

Week 35 – #51 Upside Down

Here is Athena.  If you want to use the computer – she comes with the desk.  Oh you want to use the keyboard? ha ha – silly person.  It is hers too.  Toll must be paid.

51 - Upside Down-4

You want to work on your taxes?  Well, maybe she will get off the tax envelope…..maybe.

51 - Upside Down-3

51 - Upside Down-2

Now isn’t she cute?  You don’t get to do anything in the office, if you fail to tell her how cute she is. Rub the belly and tell her she is cute and maybe you get to use the computer.

51 - Upside Down-1

But she is watching you.  You didn’t pay the toll for using the printer……..