Week 35 – #51 Upside Down

Here is Athena.  If you want to use the computer – she comes with the desk.  Oh you want to use the keyboard? ha ha – silly person.  It is hers too.  Toll must be paid.

51 - Upside Down-4

You want to work on your taxes?  Well, maybe she will get off the tax envelope…..maybe.

51 - Upside Down-3

51 - Upside Down-2

Now isn’t she cute?  You don’t get to do anything in the office, if you fail to tell her how cute she is. Rub the belly and tell her she is cute and maybe you get to use the computer.

51 - Upside Down-1

But she is watching you.  You didn’t pay the toll for using the printer……..

28 thoughts on “Week 35 – #51 Upside Down

  1. LOL – what a sweetie. I been trying to get a picture of my dog “upside down” but he’s not cooperating. He used to lay that way but hasn’t done it since we moved. So I’ll just have to wait for him to get comfortable in his new environment. Hopefully that’ll be before the end of July.

    1. Oh yes, she knows how to get your attention all right. If you ignore her, the paw comes out and starts pulling on your arm or shoulder etc, and if that doesn’t work – she will get right down and nip at you.
      No, she has been holding the envelope hostage.

  2. She is adorable! This posting made me laugh out loud! My Jake hates it when I am in the office too and he weaves in and out of my legs until I drop to the floor and rub his belly and everywhere else for at least 10 minutes.

  3. These photos are really cute. I like the first one most, the mirror image back and the mirror image in front. Great!
    And obviously I love cats.
    I also love dogs but cats are more magical.

    1. Thank you. Yes when she flipped onto her back, I had to move to line her up with the monitor with her picture behind her. Fortunately she held the position for me to get her upside down.

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