Week 36 – #29 Moody

29 Moody

Here is my interpretation of moody – with the Spanish moss hanging from the old oak trees as they arch over a walk between pastures, with the sun shining through to a patch of grass near where a horse is grazing.  This was taken with the Sarasota Camera Club on an outing to a local horse farm.  Processed with Nik Silver effects for the black and white.

21 thoughts on “Week 36 – #29 Moody

  1. I have always hoped to get a good picture of Spanish mosh and here it is with the horse in the distance. This could be the cover of the book we might all have read in our childhood, about a black horse. Sorry, I don’t know the name in English, in Finnish it was Musta Ori.

  2. As I googled, the author Walter Farley (born 26. June 1915 in Syracuse) died in Sarasota in 1989. He wrote a novel called Black Stallion in 1941 for the audience in their early teens. That is the book your picture is an identical match.

  3. I love it Sue. All the textures are amazing! I love how the fence leads us right back there and the horse looks like his standing in his own personal ray of sunshine. You could also have used this for the “Enclosed” theme. Its just wonderful.

  4. R

    I LOVE this picture. There is so much going on. I can just sit and appreciate it’s beauty for a
    quite some time!!! My eyes thank you!

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