Week 37 – #46 Tell A Story

46 - Tell a Story

Now what kind of story would you make up for this rowdy group of faeries?  Something sure had them laughing.  Not sure they would tell us – people.

I am not sure I could make up a story good enough, but one thing I can tell you, they do know how to have a good time at the Gulfport Spring Fest – Garden Art and Faerie festival.   Lots of fun folks and everyone just loving to have their photo taken.

12 thoughts on “Week 37 – #46 Tell A Story

    1. lol Wow the traveling lady thinks I get around. Nothing like you my dear.
      Thank you for your comment. Gulfport has some wonderful festivals. I suggest everyone get over there to at least one.

  1. What a great event it looks! – I totally believed in fairies when I was young – I still remember how I felt – the excitement of it. However – they didnt quite look like this!! fabulous colors.

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