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Week 45 – #35 On the River

on June 12, 2016

35 - On the River-1  In the town of Bamberg, Germany, the river Regnitz flows through town and actually around the Old Town Hall that was built in 1386 and is reachable via two bridges – one on either side.  Bamberg was founded in 973.  If you notice to the right in the river there are poles hanging down.  These are the gates for whitewater kayaking course – right in town. We were fortunate to see some people working on the course while we were there visiting.35 - On the River-2  35 - On the River-3  35 - On the River-4


14 responses to “Week 45 – #35 On the River

  1. I loved Bamburg! Nice pics, especially the bridge.

  2. shelby1120 says:

    Your photo of the entire bridge and Town Hall is fantastic.

  3. Morag Reid says:

    That bridge is so pretty. I’m not sure I would be kayaking in that river though.

  4. That bridge is beautiful!

  5. suesanborn says:

    Looks like some tough paddling to me. Got some good action shots!

  6. Thanks for the background to the town and Hall. Great shot. The kayaking looks difficult. Great action shots.

  7. preed913 says:

    love the bridge! – love to watch the white water kayaking races during the olympics

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