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Week 46 – #30 Mouthwatering

on June 12, 2016

What more is there to say – cruising and food…..They cook, you indulge, yum.   From lobster tail, to lamb chops to apple strudel.
Oh and the bear – that’s Bearbette, who we picked up in Germany and is now betrothed to Bear my normal traveling companion. She doesn’t eat alot, but has expensive tastes.30 - Mouthwatering-1

30 - Mouthwatering-2  30 - Mouthwatering-3


24 responses to “Week 46 – #30 Mouthwatering

  1. R says:

    Bearbette has become soooo spoiled! Lucky girl!! You certainly captured the challenge,
    My mouth is drooling.

  2. Yummy! A chocolate snake with ice cream? HA!

  3. shelby1120 says:

    Bearbette looks like she’s actually smiling at all the delicious plates.

  4. The food looks scrumptious. You had a good time!

  5. Morag Reid says:

    Gosh, that looks good. Its a good thing your traveling companion doesn’t eat a lot. Thats too good to share.

  6. Yummy – love the chocolate snake!

  7. suesanborn says:

    Now that is mouthwatering! Looks like some wonderful food.

  8. George says:

    Those chops look so appetizing.

  9. donnagf1 says:

    I am salivating — Next time I will stow away with Bear and Bearbette! !

  10. preed913 says:

    Lamb looks heavenly – my favorite! – all look beautifully presented!

  11. Scrumptious. You certainly ate well! Great images.

  12. jewelacer4 says:

    Not a lobster eater but it really looks yummy.

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