Week 52 – #26 Mealtime

26 mealtime-1

Just a sampling of some of the foods (notice desserts outnumber everything else…….) from the meal times on the Avalon River Cruise.

Week 49 – #11 Descending

11 - Descending-1Ÿ

Don’t mis-step while you are working the vines or you will be descending at a rapid rate.

11 - Descending-2

In France and Germany we saw many vineyards on our travels and the one thing that stuck me was that the rows were not across the hillside but up and down it.  Here is the DR H THANISCH vineyard in Bernkastel Germany, which makes a reisling.  And yes it is that steep.  This vineyard is up the hillside from the Moselle River above the town.