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Week 52 – #26 Mealtime

on July 22, 2016

26 mealtime-1

Just a sampling of some of the foods (notice desserts outnumber everything else…….) from the meal times on the Avalon River Cruise.


11 responses to “Week 52 – #26 Mealtime

  1. Yummy collection! I always looked forward to our evening meal on our cruise, sometimes the dishes looked to beautiful to eat. But, that only lasted for a few seconds!

  2. shelby1120 says:

    Nice showing – and even lunch had wonderful desserts! I never said no and once even had two selections of dessert at the same meal! Yummy.

  3. suesanborn says:

    Nice display of some wonderful looking meals. They all yummy!

  4. Fabulous selection of food. Glad I could just drool and not be tempted to eat them all!

  5. jewelacer4 says:

    This makes me hungry. I like the way you grouped them.

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