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Week 3 – #39 The Garage

on August 14, 2016

39 - The Garage-1

39 - The Garage-2

From Heritage Village in Largo, FL, here is The Garage. These are two working vehicles.  They take them out and drive them during the cooler months.  The first is, I believe, a Model T Ford car and this one is a truck.  Notice the J C Higgins water bag on the front of the car, so they would have water for the radiator.   Heritage Village is right next to the Florida Botanical Garden in Largo.


15 responses to “Week 3 – #39 The Garage

  1. Vincent Veneruso says:

    Well done — and we are down to two photos!

  2. I love the black and white photos. So appropriate for those cars.

  3. cbsmith321 says:

    very nice as always!

  4. Still have yet to visit this area you always go to the best places! Love this image and perfect in B&W!

  5. Perfect in B&W. Great shots.

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