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Week 6 – #33 Something with Wings

on September 5, 2016

From the Florida Aquarium – rays and skates.  They look like they are flapping wings as they glide through the water.33 - Something with Wings-4

33 - Something with Wings-3

33 - Something with Wings-2

33 - Something with Wings-1


10 responses to “Week 6 – #33 Something with Wings

  1. So true! I snorkeled in Belize and a fever of huge rays surrounded me as the “flew” by. It was an awesome experience! What surprised me was the nurse shark that was a part of the group!

  2. cbsmith321 says:

    Great shots and very clever for theme

  3. Nice idea for the theme. They are so graceful as they glide through the water. nice set of images.

  4. Wow! Great shots and still a place I have to visit. I should tag along with you lol!

  5. donnagf1 says:

    Since trying to photograph the otters at Mote, I realize how difficult it is to get a good photo in changing light with ripples and moving sea animals — you have done a great job with these “winged” skates and rays —

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