Week 9 – # 27 Quaint and Quirky




Whimseyland.  In Safety Harbor, FL, is a couple of houses, that are known as Whimseyland, or  the Bowling Ball House.

There are bowling balls that have been painted and have become part of the landscaping.  But it is not just bowling balls, there are glass bottles, metal structures and mosaics on the walkways and steps. Artists Todd Ramquist and Kiaralinda own the houses and decorate them.  They asked a number of artists to join in decorating the bowling balls, and now they are exhibited in a building they call the bowling ball museum on the property.


The Fire Fighter Dog


The Orange Tree

And look, after all this time, I found that elusive Y2K Bug  here!


And a pink and purple elephant (and I was not drinking…..yet)


When snow gets over 2 inches in FL _ to heck with no parking – I am leaving….



and oh no – the flamingos are flocking …. beware…

What a cute place and I just scratched the surface with these photos.


18 thoughts on “Week 9 – # 27 Quaint and Quirky

  1. R

    These shots are beautiful. All the color is amazing. I especially love all that detail on the Y2K Bug! Sue, thanks for the sites you shared with us and a special thank you, for being such a gracious hostess! 😻👍🏻❤️

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