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Week 11 – #38 Street Scenes

on October 9, 2016

From this year’s Gulfport Gecko Festival marking the end of summer – the different street performers that entertained the crowd with feats of skill and comedy.38 - Street Scenes-1

38 - Street Scenes-2

38 - Street Scenes-3

38 - Street Scenes-5

38 - Street Scenes-4

38 - Street Scenes-6

38 - Street Scenes-7

Yes he is jumping over 5 people – and yes he made it.


10 responses to “Week 11 – #38 Street Scenes

  1. You must have had a great time!

  2. cbsmith321 says:

    Great for theme. Well done

  3. preed913 says:

    you’re the master at capturing street scenes!

  4. Great catches. I like the way you have caught the gymnast and I would not mind a “free hug”.

  5. You got sick me great shots, Sue! Looks like a fun way to spend the day.

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