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Week 18 – #14 Line from a Song

on November 27, 2016


Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree
Thy leaves are so unchanging   …

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree
Such pleasure do you bring me.

These are a couple of lines from the song that fit this tree.


For all my wine drinking friends, here is the tree for you – or because of you since these are empty of the liquid you like and filled with lights instead.  This tree is located in Latitudes, a restaurant and lounge on Harbor Village Lane in Apollo Beach , Florida.


8 responses to “Week 18 – #14 Line from a Song

  1. and the Christmas season has begun

  2. Love it. Just don’t the cat knock it over! LOL

  3. Hmmm….so that’s where all the wine went/

  4. R says:

    That’s is very striking! That tree belongs in Edie’s home, although I’m sure hers would be
    muuuuch taller!

  5. Wow! That is quite a tree. Great idea and well taken and spotted.

  6. preed913 says:

    very clever – I love how you caught the sparkling glass!

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