Week 20 – #35 – Starts with a “C”

Caramel – in this case hot caramel being poured over the egg looking – fancy at the Don Cesar – Maritana Grille restaurant, in St Petersburg, Florida.  I didn’t order it so I can’t tell you what it is, but I did manage to rush over to snap a couple of pictures as the dessert revealed itself.35-starts-with-a-c-1

and more caramel35-starts-with-a-c-2

and more caramel    –  ahh look something is happening35-starts-with-a-c-3

poor fancy egg – it unfolded like a flower to reveal the goodness inside.35-starts-with-a-c-4

I was there with a dining club – Club Gusto from Valencia Lakes.

10 thoughts on “Week 20 – #35 – Starts with a “C”

    1. Imagine sitting there and watching them walk out with these “eggs”. It was the table next to me, and I had my camera, so I had to jump up and take a photo. And then they start pouring the caramel. As you said – too late.

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