Week 25 – #47 Waiting

Animals are a never ending source of photo opportunities.  My boy Hermes is no exception.  I cannot go into a bathroom, even if it is to clean it without a chaperone.  He has to make sure everything is on the up and up.  Yesterday was no exception.  Here he is inspecting the quality, consistency of the water flow and taste of the water from the bathroom sink.

Look Mom – there is stuff coming out of this silver thingy. 

Its still coming out. I am going to have to get closer to check this out.


Yes, it passes – the water softener is working ok – no smell.


I am going to have to make sure it is real. This means I am going to have to touch it.



Yes, it feels like water. 47-waiting-5

Well, I tasted it. It is not as good as the water from the refrigerator.  Hey mom – you got to clean these mirrors. Geez look at those water spots.


Photos taken with Samsung S6 phone.  I didn’t think to bring my camera with me to the bathroom. (lol)  Why this fit the theme of waiting?  Well, can you guess at how long I had to sit on the edge of the bathtub and let the water run in the sink as he sat there staring at it?  Good thing it is not a water shortage right now.


Week #24 – 28 Repeating Patterns


From my trip with the Valencia Lakes Girlfriend’s Fun Group to the Vinoy Renaissance Hotel in St Petersburg, FL last week, I am submitting the decoration in the front entrance for the repeating patterns theme.  The photo says it all with the beams in the ceiling, the poles to hold the curls and the brown wooden curls. I think this image covers the theme a couple of times.

Week 23 – #3 Aged to Perfection



3-aged-to-perfection-3In St. Petersburg, FL, is the home to the Vinoy Park Hotel which opened in 1925.  The nightly rate was $20 per room which was one of the most expensive in the state.  In 1942, the hotel ceased operation as a resort hotel and was leased to the war department.  In December of 1944, the Vinoy opens as a hotel again, no longer being used by the government.  Due to lack of upkeep, the Vinoy closed in 1974. With lots of work by St Petersburg and some developers, renovations start in 1990 to bring the once glorious hotel back opening again in 2000.  Renovations continue and in 2009, the Grand Ballroom is redone with a Chihuly Chandelier.  December 31, 2015 marked the 90th anniversary of its opening.   It has had many names, each included Vinoy, and it is now known as the Vinoy Renaissance Resort and Golf Club.  It had its issues with maintenance, the restoration has brought the Vinoy back in Grand Style, making it Aged to Perfection.3-aged-to-perfection-2