Week 35 – #17 Lost/Misplaced/Missing Piece

You may not understand my reasoning, but since there are 3 options in the theme, I have selected the stark images of the oil seeping from the USS Arizona for this theme.  The image shows the USS Missouri in the distance.  From the sinking of the USS Arizona which brought the United States into the war to the ship where the document for the surrender was signed, thus ending World War II.  The lost and entombed souls (missing), and how the events of the time, led to the missing of the information to prevent the attack.

This is to remember the 1,177 souls lost that day on the Arizona, and the total of 2,403 in Pearl Harbor.


Week 34 – #34 Splash of Color

During my visit to Hawai’i, one of the things that caught my attention was the splashes of color within the lava fields.  As you walk along lava trails to go see Stone Arches or Petroglyphs, you find plants have gotten into a crevice and started growing.  I was amazed to find the flower along side the road where plants were just getting started.

Given the right circumstances, Life will find a way.


Week 33 – #49 Where the “Buildings” meet the sky

Where the buildings (in this case) meet the sky.  Here is the Tampa Skyline – taken at 2:30 from the Water taxi in the Hillsborough River.  I was with the Valencia Lakes Girlfriends Fun Group and we took the tour from Rick’s on the River, after having lunch.  I would suggest the sunset tour for better lighting for photographs.

The design of the  Tampa Convention Center, as it is situated on the water, is that of a river boat.  The front ( off to the left in the image) is rounded like the bow of a ship, and the wheel house is situated towards the back – see the smaller upper lever, and finally the ramps, or stairs at the right are to resemble the paddle wheel.

I had to add the Jose Gasparilla pirate ship,the world’s only fully-rigged pirate ship – just too nice to skip.

I will end with Derek Jeter’s 32,700 sq ft mansion with its 2,500 sq.ft. master suite with closets the size of most bedrooms (Getting from the bed to the toilet is a haul!)  The pool is a rectangle that runs from rounded edge on the left (about a third in) to the rounded edge on the right (about a third in).


Week 32 – #11 Four


For this entry, I present four (4) cowboys – er three cowboys and one cowgirl, from the Dry Creek location.  This was a outing sponsored by Sony and Johnson PhotoImaging (JPI) of Bradenton, FL.  We were there to see the sony cameras and lenses, and to get a chance to try them out in a real life setting (well a former tv set), to see how they performed.  I stayed with my existing equipment – sony A7R II and 24-240 lens. The only lens I might have tried was the 16-35. Though, thinking more on it now, I should have tried the rx100.  As it grew darker, we got to push the iso.  This was taken at ISO 2500, F5.6, 1/100 sec at 48 mm.

Thank you to Dono and Hector for all the toys and coordinating the setups.
Johnson PhotoImaging, 6709 E State Rd 70, Bradenton, FL 34203