Week 33 – #49 Where the “Buildings” meet the sky

Where the buildings (in this case) meet the sky.  Here is the Tampa Skyline – taken at 2:30 from the Water taxi in the Hillsborough River.  I was with the Valencia Lakes Girlfriends Fun Group and we took the tour from Rick’s on the River, after having lunch.  I would suggest the sunset tour for better lighting for photographs.

The design of the  Tampa Convention Center, as it is situated on the water, is that of a river boat.  The front ( off to the left in the image) is rounded like the bow of a ship, and the wheel house is situated towards the back – see the smaller upper lever, and finally the ramps, or stairs at the right are to resemble the paddle wheel.

I had to add the Jose Gasparilla pirate ship,the world’s only fully-rigged pirate ship – just too nice to skip.

I will end with Derek Jeter’s 32,700 sq ft mansion with its 2,500 sq.ft. master suite with closets the size of most bedrooms (Getting from the bed to the toilet is a haul!)  The pool is a rectangle that runs from rounded edge on the left (about a third in) to the rounded edge on the right (about a third in).



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