Photography Challenge with Sue Karski

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Week 34 – #34 Splash of Color

on March 19, 2017

During my visit to Hawai’i, one of the things that caught my attention was the splashes of color within the lava fields.  As you walk along lava trails to go see Stone Arches or Petroglyphs, you find plants have gotten into a crevice and started growing.  I was amazed to find the flower along side the road where plants were just getting started.

Given the right circumstances, Life will find a way.



5 responses to “Week 34 – #34 Splash of Color

  1. So true! I’ve seen trees growing out of rocks.

  2. I remember the first time I saw beautiful fuschia bougainvillea, framed against the black lava rock. That image has remained in my mind from my visit to Hawaii…and your photos recalled it for me. Lovely photos.

  3. Nature is wonderful. Lovely images of hope.

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