Week 40 – #48 What a Character

Well now.  Go to New Orleans and walk around and I bet you will find more than one “What a Character”.  Here are a couple of mine.

David “Purple Man” Carriere and his trusty mule “Mother-in-Law”, standing here after our ride around the French Quarter with Becky.  If you go, ride with David, and he will surely show you a good time.  We laughed so hard.

Breakfast in New Orleans means a stop at “The Grill”.  Here are the two funny men who waited on us.  Quite some breakfast too.

Down by the French Market, we spotted this gentleman – who sported a look that caused us to think – Boy George – well from a few years ago.

And finally this guy, from Jackson Square.  Not sure what his thing was all about, but that was some getup!

Now there were lots of groups playing in the street, but I was looking for more of a single person that would catch my eye.



Week 39 – #51 Windowscapes

In New Orleans, there were all kinds of things in the shop windows.  But….. these caught my eye.

Where else would you see mer-men?

Oh yeah and for a couple of my friends with a thing for shoes –

Not what you were expecting huh?  Well I do get to have fun doing this too.

Week 38 – #5 Artistic

This is a first for me.  I am trying the Smart Photo Editor that Liz Cantarine has used very successfully.  Me, not so much yet.  I need a lot more practice and getting used to how this works.  Hard to see how the end came from the first, but here it is, a little artistic endeavor – for Easter.

End result –

pre step – 

Original –

Week 37 – #46 Unwanted or Distracting Objects

When photographing wildlife, there is always the case where you can see the animal or bird you were seeking to photograph but.  And there is the thing – the BUT.  There is always something; a branch, a leaf, a twig, a person or a car that just got into your shot, making getting the nice image impossible.  I could post a large number of my Germany or Paris photos with all the people / cars in the wrong place, as they entered the shot before I could click the shutter.   Aarrrggh.  We all know that feeling.

So here is my unwanted branch, sticking up in front of the Great Horned Owl parent, blocking the complete view of the face of the adult.  If I moved to my left,  I would have had to move too much to my left and then you could not see their faces as well.  So here is my record shot of the parent Great Horned Owl and owlet. This was the best I got that morning –  no fantastic image – just a recording of the fact I saw the baby owlet. Some days it goes like this.   This was taken with the Sony 24 – 240 lens – and cropped to an unimaginable small portion of the original as the tree was quite a ways up from us in the Boyd Hill Preserve in Pinellas Park, Florida.