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Week 39 – #51 Windowscapes

on April 27, 2017

In New Orleans, there were all kinds of things in the shop windows.  But….. these caught my eye.

Where else would you see mer-men?

Oh yeah and for a couple of my friends with a thing for shoes –

Not what you were expecting huh?  Well I do get to have fun doing this too.


12 responses to “Week 39 – #51 Windowscapes

  1. shelby1120 says:

    Did you bring any MerMEN home? And yes, those shoes are craziest I’ve seen.

  2. faybina75 says:

    Great shots, Sue! I especially love those mer-men :-).

  3. I love the first image. All sorts of delights for the eye.

  4. Love love love the shots! MMM hunks! The shoes are great if I’d never wear them. LOL

  5. preed913 says:

    LOVE the mermen! – fabulous color – great find. I need to go there!

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