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Week 46 – #36 Stitched Together

on June 12, 2017

This theme, I am using just 4 photos of gowns from Leigh Ann Brown’s “Portrait of a Bride, an Evolving Silhouette”  presentation to the Valencia Lakes Women’s Club covering wedding gowns from 1879 to present.  I picked the older gowns as these might not be something you would have seen before.  This was a very well detailed presentation on how women’s fashion changed with the times including the impact of war and financial changes.  Some of these were from a time when you stitched your own gown.

 If you get to see Leigh Ann’s presentation – go, it was something to see.


2 responses to “Week 46 – #36 Stitched Together

  1. piriot says:

    These dresses are beautiful and for sure could be used even today.

  2. Interesting that the waistlines got larger and larger!

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