Week 2 – #41 Shutter Speed of 1/40th second

Yes, I am a little behind.  It is tough with a nice trip coming up that should afford me lots of new material for blogs etc, I am struggling with using a theme that might have a completely different twist from my trip.  Oh well. Hang with me, I will do all 52 weeks eventually.
With all the media coverage and there will be thousands of photographs of the actual solar eclipse, I thought I would share mine. Unlike many people, I did not drive to a place for totality.  After seeing the traffic on tv and the possibility of clouds, I am glad I stayed home.  Nor did I buy glasses nor a filter for my camera with only 80% coverage where I live, it didn’t seem worth it.
Here is my take on the solar eclipse of Aug 21 at home on my driveway.  Using the dabbling of the sunlight through the leaves of my palm trees, the eclipse made little crescents on the ground.   Using a tripod, I was able to get the shutter speed down to 1/40th.
Now come Aug 2045, if I am still here, it will be a total solar eclipse here.  So maybe I will try then.  (stop laughing).


22 thoughts on “Week 2 – #41 Shutter Speed of 1/40th second

  1. I love the crescents on the cement! Can you please help me. I wasn’t active last year bur want to return to blogging. Who’s in charge this year on the 52 Week Challenge? I’m sorry I missed the luncheon and would like to be reinstated. Thanks for your help.

    1. I see you got to Mary Nell. Sorry. I have been a bit busy with different things. I am behind on the weekly challenge and need to catchup – which I will do when I start my trip soon.

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