Week 18 – #47 Triangles

This office building is named The Gherkin.  You can find it in London, UK.  Its shape is most unusual.  I loved the description of the building from an article in The Guardian so I am copying a small portion here – (fishnet stockings – remember those?)
The following is from the The Guardian article from May 5, 2014 by . Here is the link – https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/architecture-design-blog/2014/may/05/londons-top-10-towers
“Also likened to a pine cone, a bullet and a stubby cigar – and perhaps least like its knobbly pickled namesake – the Gherkin was a mischievous arrival to the City skyline in 2003. A lovable, chubby creature, it has stood the test of time, holding its own in an increasingly choked cluster. Wrapped with a diagrid structure that makes it look like it’s bulging out of a pair of fishnet stockings, its rounded form was justified for reasons of aerodynamics (might it lift off?) and internal ventilation.”


16 thoughts on “Week 18 – #47 Triangles

  1. I lived in London when this came up. It sparkled a lot of fuss. But eventually peple started loving it. Now it is one of the most important monumential buildings.

  2. Great photo – love this building. Clicked on the link and liked this comment:
    “Its current owners have put it up for sale, an announcement that was every headline-writer’s dream: “Gherkin’s salad days over amid financial pickle for London tower.” Anyone got a spare £500m?

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