Week #5 – 10 Leading Lines – Creative

For this theme, I choose the rocks as the creative leading lines to the Asian structure in the pond.  The curve of the flow of rocks is not the typical straight leading line but due to the bright nature of the stone tops your eyes follow them in to the structure.   This was taken in the Asian Garden at the Naples Botanical Garden in Naples, Florida.

Week 3 – #23 Balance – Composition

The above image for the theme Balance was taken at Naples Botanical Garden, Naples, Florida. These were characters  in the  Reflections on Glass: Frabel in the Garden exhibit that is going on now.  I selected 5 of the glass characters to provide the balance to the image and they are balancing on the glass balls in the pond.

Reflections on Glass: Fräbel in the Garden brings a collection of whimsical glass sculptures and installations by flamework glass artist Hans Godo Fräbel to Naples for the first time. This whimsical exhibition features botanical pieces, playful figures, and ornate geometric shapes.

Long regarded as one of the most influential flameworkers in America, Fräbel has been an important part of the evolution of flameworking into a recognized and respected art medium. His works can be found in public and private collections in over 80 countries worldwide.

Week 2 – #38 Hard / Soft

I selected this image for the theme Hard / Soft.    The bar was this wonderful blue that you felt like you could fall into and the reflection of the bar glasses creating the circle (hmm another theme) gives the impression of the hard surface of the glasses and the luminescence feature of the bar the soft look to the glasses.  This is from the Hilton Luna Restaurant in St Petersburg, FL.