Week #5 – 10 Leading Lines – Creative

For this theme, I choose the rocks as the creative leading lines to the Asian structure in the pond.  The curve of the flow of rocks is not the typical straight leading line but due to the bright nature of the stone tops your eyes follow them in to the structure.   This was taken in the Asian Garden at the Naples Botanical Garden in Naples, Florida.

9 thoughts on “Week #5 – 10 Leading Lines – Creative

  1. k1kaiser

    The Naples Botanical Garden is one of the best around. You must have had a lot of fun there. The rich colors in your image speak to everything that is beautiful in Florida and, for me, the stones work well as leading lines because they are lighter than the structure they lead to. The only thing that you might want to consider changing is the white umbrella on the left as it can draw the eye away from your subject. But this is a really nice image.

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