Week 28 – #29 On the Edge

This is my on the edge – or maybe it should be over the edge.  Be aware that if you ever enter the ladies room at Peggy Sue’s 50 Diner off I-15 in Yermo, California, just below the Calico Ghost Town sign on the mountain, you might be surprised by this.

The lady who was behind me and I jumped at the same time we rounded the corner.

Week 27 – #43 Starts with “O”

I am behind so will start to try to catch up.  Here is the first – Starting with the letter “O” – for Orange.   This is from the Chinese New Year celebration in Las Vegas for the Year of the Dog, taken in the valet parking area of the Paris Hotel.

The dancers (the dogs) were taking tokens for wishing good luck for the year.  The participants in the crowd were placing red envelopes inside the dog’s mouth.

There were some there were 2 man high.  Nice balancing while they were jumping around.

Week 22 – #34 Reflections

Here are some reflections from the canal tour in Punta Gorda, Florida.  The first is Christmas lights in the canal water and the other two are of the boats and their reflections all decorated for Christmas.  These popular, family-oriented cruises tour the residential canals to view Christmas lights, displays and decorations on homes, boats, seawalls and docks. Boats of all shapes and sizes cruise the canals during the evenings in December to enjoy this warm display of community Christmas spirit.