Thank you for stopping by my blog and viewing my comments and photographs.

A couple of lady friends started this challenge of trying to take a photography – one a week in 2012.

I will be attempting to publish one photograph per week for 52 weeks and each photograph will be based upon 52 pre-determined themes.  A list of the themes are at the top of this page on the “Themes” tab.  The themes were decided upon by a couple of ladies (Mary Nell, Mindy Towns and Patricia Reed), with whom I share membership in  a camera club.  They will also be participating in the 52-week photo challenge.

Some of the themes are fairly simple and some not so simple but our goal during this challenge will be to think outside the box and allow our photographs to reflect our creativeness and interpretations of each weekly theme.
With each photograph posted, I will go into detail telling you why I thought my photograph satisfied each weekly theme.  If you are up for a good challenge while at the same time using your camera to create thought provoking images, I would welcome you to join into this 52-week, fun-filled photo journey – if interested use the links to contact one of the ladies who started this.  It’s going to be challenging, but what good things in life aren’t challenging?


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