Week 14 – #46 The Color Pink

46 - Color Pink 46 - Color Pink-2 46 - Color Pink-3 46 - Color Pink-4 46 - Color Pink-5October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the Circle S Rodeo in Myakka held their bull riding competition with the proceeds going to Breast Cancer.  As you can see, a number of cowboys were Tuff Enough to wear Pink and ride the bulls and some of the spectators were decked out in Pink as well – as you see the little girl in the last photo. Last year, the cowboys even donned pink bras.  But none were seen this year.  Too bad as that was quite a site last year.  I think the pink shirts are PINK enough, though.


Week 12 – #46 It’s Moving

I have been trying to get over to the Circle S Rodeo in Myakka  for a couple of months now and I finally made it.  Now I need to go back after the time change because it got too dark to photograph by the time the professionals started after 7. The little kids went first, followed by these youngsters, and then the professionals.  The bull riding is the 3rd Saturday of the month and is quite the event.  Saturday night, October 20th, was for breast cancer and a portion of the concessions were for a Lakewood Ranch teacher, which is why I doubled my efforts to get there this month. It was quite something to see these young men all dressed up in their western gear and pink bras.
Because of the efforts of this young man, I am posting a series of shots.  8 seconds is a very long time when you are sitting on the back of one of these animals. He got a rough ride with his hand stuck in the tie and the bull flipped him around until he finally got free.  The bull then managed to jostle  him a bit more.  He got up after he was checked out by the medical staff.  I am sure he is feeling way sore today, if he doesn’t have some fractured or broken fingers.

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