Week 37 – #46 Tell A Story

46 - Tell a Story

Now what kind of story would you make up for this rowdy group of faeries?  Something sure had them laughing.  Not sure they would tell us – people.

I am not sure I could make up a story good enough, but one thing I can tell you, they do know how to have a good time at the Gulfport Spring Fest – Garden Art and Faerie festival.   Lots of fun folks and everyone just loving to have their photo taken.

Week 7 – #34 OMG

Well – if you thought you needed to travel hours down to Key West or over to New Orleans for a parade of brightly colored costumed people, you would be very wrong.

Here are a collection of images of just a few of the many people who participated in the Gecko Festival in Gulfport, FL  this past weekend.  I had been to this festival before but always went early in the morning as usually the heat is too much.  I was meeting a fellow photographer friend who wanted to go later.  Since we were going in late afternoon, and it is mostly people photography which many of you know is not my usual thing, I only brought a point and shoot.  Boy that was a mistake. I am glad we went later as I have never seen the costumes before.  They have a parade of the costumes and select the winner.  I know the challenge suggests only one image, but in order for you to get a feel for this event, there was no way for just one.  The man in white – I am sorry that I was too close and sacrificed his parasol as he surely was dressed to the nines – some of these earn it the OMG.  So here – enjoy a bit of the festival.

34 OMG-4

34 OMG-5

34 OMG-6

34 OMG-7

34 OMG-8

34 OMG-9

34 OMG-11

they even involved the dogs 34 OMG-10

34 OMG-12

34 OMG-13

34 OMG-14

and a late arrival –

34 OMG-15

Week 4 – #20 Impression of Art

20 Impression of Art

Gulfport, FL is a quaint little town.  This past Saturday, they held their Annual Geckofest.  It was a collection of vendors with their art work, crafts, etc that you find at street festivals, and they had stages with bands playing.  I went with Diane early so as to avoid as much of the heat of the day, so we missed the themed dress – which this year was Roaring 20’s.  It would have been nice to see them, but with the threat of rain, and the heat, it was too much.  But I digress.

This horse is on one of the side streets just off the main street in Gulfport.  With all the iron work, I selected this statue of the horse as my entry for Impression of Art.  I will probably go back when it is cooler and submit more on just Gulfport, as there are decorated homes and gardens making this a nice place to visit.