Week 43 – #22 It’s a Mystery

22 Its a Mystery

OK, its all up to you.  It’s a Mystery to Me.

I saw these two people at the Manatee Reenactment today and the shape of the sign near her head like a cartoon bubble – just had me in stitches.  I blanked out what it said – as I think this one is all for the viewer to fill in what they think she is thinking.

Week 18 – #3 An Expression of Love

3 An Expression of Love 3 An Expression of Love-2 3 An Expression of Love-3The Manatee Horse Show has a number of talented young horse people.  Yes, I called them young, and they are not all kids.  They show expressions of love towards their horses and I could fill a year with all of those photos.  The shows are held the first Sunday of the month at the Manatee Equestrian Center on Lena Rd.  Here are just three from this year’s shows.  It is so refreshing to see these young people taking the time to get know their horses and how to work with them with care and love.  The lessons learned in dedication to this sport, the empathy towards their animals and each other, carries over into the rest of their lives.