Week 3 – #7 Circle in a Square

7 Circle in Square-1

For this theme, I decided on Checkers.  I pondered over what could I find that would be a circle in a square….and voila – checkers. Now where to find one – ahh Cracker Barrel has them outside, so asked a couple if they would let me photograph their board, so I didn’t have a choice in placement.  I am sure they thought I was completely nuts when I asked.

Week 34 – #6 Bridge

6 Bridge

I have been planning on doing the Tampa River walk bridges for this theme for a long time.  Each time I planned on driving up, I found an excuse, too cold, too windy, too many people.  I am good at coming up with a reason. But, Diane and Sue wanted to do some night photography up in Tampa and asked me along.  I suggested a couple of spots for us to go and though this spot was supposed to be for sunset, we got distracted at another location.  I didn’t want us to miss this, so we swung by Davis Island to get this angle on a couple of the lit bridges beneath the Tampa skyline.  They are supposed to change color every so many minutes, but I think with St Patrick’s Day being only a few days before, they were left on green.  It works for me as an accent to the yellow lights.

So this is a long exposure – iso 100, 15 sec, f 11, Auto white balance, spot metering.  I then took another of my images that was taken with the same settings but at EV +1. I layered them in photoshop and selected the buildings in a layer mask as they were brighter but I wanted the darkness from the other for the two lights from the Sykes building  going up in the sky.

Week 31 – #27 Musical

27 Musical

Here is my interpretation of the theme musical.  All those many years ago, I used be pretty good at woodwind instruments, being in the band and orchestra.  Lots of memories from days gone by with old friends.
Not having been played since way back when and still in my closet growing tarnish is my silver flute.  Not as straight as it used to be, but then again – neither am I.

Week 7 – # 14 – Four Letter Word

14 - Four Letter Word

I wanted to do something a little bit different for my submission for a “four letter word”.  Instead of photographing a four letter word on a sign somewhere, I thought I would be a little more creative and photograph the letters in the four letter word from things I see – not just signs.  This is a lot harder than I originally thought.  Finding certain letters is tough.  R is a lot harder than I thought and I had a different e but should I say, I thought I had, as under inspection, the photo did not stand up.  And the bugs found me, which I will be suffering through for the next couple of days until this itch subsides.  I still like the process and might do it again.

Week 48 – # 50 Up Close

50 up close

Up Close – to a sunflower. I liked the almost heart shaped center.  The addition of the bug(s) were just topping.  This is another flower from the Sweetfield Farms.  I didn’t want to do a macro shot, but wanted to be up close to the flower and show the detail without using a macro lens.  I did center in on the center of the flower and did not worry about cutting off the petals.  And no, I did not take out the imperfections in the petals – it is nature.

Week 46 – # 34 Passage Ways

34 Passage Ways - 2

34 Passage Ways

There is a attraction in Akaroa, New Zealand called “The Giant’s House”.  The artist is Josie Martin and she purchased this house which was built in the 1800s.  She had the hillside next to the house terraced so she could put in a garden and they found lots of broken porcelain pieces from the 17 – 1800s buried there.  She took those pieces and a lot more and created this larger than life wonder garden of mosaics.  Her art sculptures decorate the gardens.  These are two of the stairways in the gardens.

There is an art gallery on the property as well.  She is a very creative artist.  Please check out her page –    http://www.thegiantshouse.co.nz/default.asp?page=josie


Week 42 – #20 I wish I could / I am sorry I did

20 I wish I could_ I am sorry I didThe groans will start with this one…..
I saw this picture of the sheep butting its head against the tree and as you can see they have been sheared.  This was taken at the end of summer, so in my mind, the sheep is thinking “I really wanted that heavy wool off of me, but that was weeks ago. Now it is getting colder at night, I am sorry I let them shear me NOW. ”
All of this surprised me at the timing.  I know nothing about sheep or when you shear them, but it seems odd that the shearing is done as summer ends and the temperatures start to fall.  As I read more about it, they are shorn once a year, and depending on climate and local practice, some leave some of the wool on the sheep, which is what these look like with the ripples in the remaining wool.