Week 3 – #7 Circle in a Square

7 Circle in Square-1

For this theme, I decided on Checkers.  I pondered over what could I find that would be a circle in a square….and voila – checkers. Now where to find one – ahh Cracker Barrel has them outside, so asked a couple if they would let me photograph their board, so I didn’t have a choice in placement.  I am sure they thought I was completely nuts when I asked.

Week 13 – # 41 Splash

41 - Splash


Splash.  I decided not to do the splash of water.   For splash, I thought a splash of color was appropriate.  Though I did not get the white church steeple amongst the New England fall foliage.  I found this barn set back from the road, with the orange, yellow and red leaves in Vermont.

Mother nature does splash better than we ever could, don’t you think?


Week 4 – # 26 Light and Airy

26 - Light & Airy-2


Again playing with different lighting, I was trying to light the flower and to create the shadow that looked more like a tree shadow.  The light has to be bright enough and high enough but not too high or too bright to make the shadow fall apart.  Of course, I had to rig a wire to hold the flower and that had to be erased. I then took this into Topaz Adjust to give the photo an overall light salmon colored tinge.

The starkness of the single flower and the shadow  is what drew me to try to photograph this.  The petals give the light and airy feel in the  shadow with the different  layers of light bleeding through.

It’s raining  (again) and what better than to play with my camera and determine what kind of lighting to get my desired effects.

Week 45 – #39 Red

Dennis ColletiThe theme RED  left me with a lot of things that to me seemed red, but when I got close to them, flowers and the like, they seemed more orangey than red.

Fortunately for me, a new company opened us in our building in which I found this wonderfully RED race car.  When I first saw it, it was in pieces but it was not too long before it was all together and ready for the owner – Dennis Colletti.  I put this together to show off his car.  Good Luck to him in his racing.
I am updating this post as I found out the owner’s name is Colletti not Colleti.  So much for taking the information from the car.  I also wanted to give a Thank you to John.  John’s business is Rehab Engineering who was working on the car and gave me the access to do the photography.  John does fabrication, steel/aluminum, setups and parts.  He just moved his business to this location on 63rd Ave in Bradenton and if you are interested in getting this type of work – give him a call  941-527-5050.