Week 19 – #A3 Nature

A3 Nature-1

A couple of you asked to see the color version – well since I still had nature theme available – I am going to use the theme to provide the color version of this image from Smoky Mountain National Park.


Now here are the ones, I thought of for this theme….

A3 Nature-2

A3 Nature-3

The last one is courtesy of Diane Broda who made the arrangement.  I just liked the colors.

Week 18 – # 16 Frame within a Frame

16 Frame within a Frame-1

I submit this image for Frame within a frame as the farm is framed by the setback of the woods, and the view is framed by the trees.  This was taken at sunrise from the Foothill Parkway just above Townsend, TN, just as the trees were peaking with color.