Week 33 – # A6 Sunset

A6 - Sunset-1

I thought I would do this one a little differently – giving you a FL sunset without palm trees or sailboat but with a little floral touch.
Since I have moved I do not see the sunsets every night and I haven’t taken the time to drive to go see them. This will change soon enough with the laundry room update completion scheduled and drapes to be hung.

Week 46 – #39 Shot Through Glass

sunset pool view
sunset pool view

I was going to do something else, but with everything going on now that my house is for sale, I am just not prepared for the setup and tear down time.  But I realized I do have an image that was shot through the sliding glass doors, and that is the sunset view from my living room.  So here is the view I am giving up as I sell this house for something unknown.  Also if and when the house sells, I may have to stop the challenge until I get settled into a “new house” (new to me) as everything is getting packed now.

Week 2 – A4 – Night Shot

A4 Night Shot

Taken tonight as the sun set throwing the purples and yellows with some soft clouds that looked like I had blurred them (but mother nature did that).  I had planned on taking this from Dunedin but the gathering was canceled due to the inclement weather (which cleared of course).

I did not want to use reflections theme yet which is why I selected this theme.

Week 38 – #10 Workers Present

Taking photographs of people is something I did years ago, and now I spend most of my time photographing nature.  The themes are getting down to the ones that are getting tougher to meet.  Workers Present is one of these.  Fortunately, my cruise on the Island Windjammers’ ship  Sagitta has answered this one.  I have a volume of photographs of the crew doing their jobs.  With so many to choose, from dropping the anchor to handling the sails, I decided to go with one, that would mean more to you the viewers.  Here are two members of this fine crew looking back towards the wheel house as the sunset lite up the horizon.  Everyone including “the workers” enjoy a view like this. Now where is my Rum Punch!Sagitta workers present

Week 30 – # A3 Leading Lines

There are lots of photos of the Ringling Causeway in Sarasota, FL, and I have those as well.   I was looking for something different.  By walking to the causeway itself and walk on the outside the railing you get a whole new perspective of the causeway.
The wind was blowing which caused the palm fronds to move which was perfect as I didn’t want them as a distraction as I went for a longer exposure to pull the colors of twilight.

Ringling Causeway Bridge Overlook