Week 18 – #47 Triangles

This office building is named The Gherkin.  You can find it in London, UK.  Its shape is most unusual.  I loved the description of the building from an article in The Guardian so I am copying a small portion here – (fishnet stockings – remember those?)
The following is from the The Guardian article from May 5, 2014 by . Here is the link – https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/architecture-design-blog/2014/may/05/londons-top-10-towers
“Also likened to a pine cone, a bullet and a stubby cigar – and perhaps least like its knobbly pickled namesake – the Gherkin was a mischievous arrival to the City skyline in 2003. A lovable, chubby creature, it has stood the test of time, holding its own in an increasingly choked cluster. Wrapped with a diagrid structure that makes it look like it’s bulging out of a pair of fishnet stockings, its rounded form was justified for reasons of aerodynamics (might it lift off?) and internal ventilation.”

Week 5 – #28 My First Visit to UK

I have survived my first day in London.  Arrived early this morning after not sleeping on the flight over, then took the Gatwick Express train with our luggage from the airport to Victoria Station.  What a big station.  I believed we walked from one end to the other to catch a cab.  We took the cab to our hotel.  I spent the first day going to Kew Gardens.   What a beautiful Royal Botanical Garden.

This is the Palm House – An iconic Victorian glasshouse, the rainforest climate inside supports a unique collection of tropical plants from some of the most threatened environments on Earth.

This is the Princess of Wales Conservancy – The most complex of Kew’s public glasshouses contains ten different environments covering a range of tropical conditions and climatic zones. The conservatory commemorates Princess Augusta, who founded the Gardens. It was opened by Diana, Princess of Wales, in July 1987.